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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Effective Ways Of Birth Control After Pregnancy(information about pregnancy)

information about pregnancy

Sex after pregnancy period is associated with anxiety and confusion in many couples. Many women are not ready for sex till some time after their delivery. Their self-confidence is a little low, as they want to look good even after pregnancy. Hormonal changes also play a major role in this changed attitude towards sex after delivery. However once you are ready for it the next big question is how to take care of birth control after pregnancy. Birth control while breast-feeding is not a sure shot solution. You may get pregnant in this stage also. Therefore, it's essential that you know safer ways of birth control after pregnancy.

Sex After Pregnancy

Many women do not indulge in intercourse up to 2 months after delivery. This works fine if it's a mutual decision of the couple. Some women do not fee like having sex after pregnancy due to hormonal changes.

The vagina and cervix takes a couple of weeks to heal after which it is safe to have intercourse. Doctor's consultation is always advised, as most women tend to become fertile after two weeks of their delivery.

There are many birth control methods, which women can choose from, after their pregnancy period. Some of the most common ones are:

LAM For Birth Control

LAM is also known as breast feeding method and is a common way of birth control after pregnancy. The thumb rule of this technique is to feed your child every four hours during daytime and every six hours during night.

It works for only those women who are still breastfeeding and have also not got back their menstrual cycle after pregnancy. This method is only effective till six months then you might have to switch to some other method.

Barrier Methods

Barrier methods of birth control after pregnancy are very popular amongst couples. This includes condoms, diaphragms and other things like sponges which help in ensuring safer sex. Women should only use spermicidal methods once the vagina has healed. A doctor should be consulted before using them. Other barrier methods can be used only after six to eight weeks after delivery.

IUD Insertion

IUD is a technique of birth control after pregnancy, which does not affect the women's breast milk. If the IUD is correctly inserted by a professional, be assured, you cannot get pregnant.

Birth Control Through Hormones

Mothers who are breast-feeding cannot take hormones like estrogen. Which means that using the vaginal ring, wearing a patch and taking pills is strictly prohibited. This hormone might affect your breast milk and reduces the milk supply, which can be harmful for your child. Only progestin is safe for nursing mothers, as it does not enter the breast milk. If you are doubtful, forget hormonal methods and opt for other ways of birth control such as barrier methods, or simply do not have sex for some time!

You can enjoy lovemaking as before if you take care of birth control after pregnancy by using any of the above methods. Before selecting a method its best to consult your doctor, then start on technique that is best suitable for you as a couple.

information about pregnancy